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Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Location :- Ernakulam, Kerala.

Time to Visit : Mid-January to Early-March.

Established : 1986

SarusMangalavanam is one of the most touristed and admired bird sanctuaries in India. The glory of its instinctive beauty and enriched wildlife is spread all over the world and no wonder people from far come here to witness the once-in-a-life moments! Mangalavanam is situated in Ernakulam district (Kochi) of Kerala and is one of the primmest tourism attractions of the state.

Mangalavanam is also termed as 'Green lung of Kerala' for its enriched floras like mangroves, etc. With the bordering of the sanctuary's sides by Arabian Sea and backwaters, adds a panoramic ambience to the sanctuary!

Mangalavanam: Home for Migratory Birds
Bird sanctuary has a great variety of birds' species, primarily popular for migratory birds. In specific seasons, you can see here loads of migratory birds coming into the sanctuary. Though the area is ecologically sensitive, you can find plenty of bird variety here! Black-crowned Night Heron and Little Cormorant are some of the common birds available at the sanctuary! But watch out for the house crow, the main predator of other birds' eggs and nests.

The best time for bird watching is during early summer seasons when the weather is favorable for tourists and birds both.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary: Apart from Birds
As already told, Mangalavanam is pretty rich when it comes to greenery. The sanctuary is densely imbedded with plants like eucalyptus, teak, timber etc! You can come here to spend leisure, picnic or adventures like exploring etc. You get all the modern facilities at the sanctuary for lodging and eating hubs! Transportation mediums like autos, cabs, bus are always available to the park.

Birds in Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary
ParrotThe sanctuary is home to a number of bird species. Both the residents and migratory birds are found in this sanctuary. The most common bird species found at sanctuary are Little Cormorant and Black-crowned Night Heron. Highest species richness of birds is found in the months of May and July. House Crow is however the villain here, the main predator of the eggs and nestlings ofother bird species.

How to Reach:
By Air : Kochi is the nearest airport for Mangalavanam Sanctuary.
By Rail : Kochi is the nearest junction from Sanctuary.

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