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Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Location :- Satara, Maharashtra.

Mayani is one of the most prominent bird sanctuaries from India! The bird sanctuary is globally reckoned for its gigantic range of species for migratory birds and local birds. According to 2005 census, there were more than 400 species of the birds over here.
Mayani is located in the west India, that is pretty near to Vaduj area of Satara district of Maharashtra state. Mayani is bestowed with phenomenal beauty and that is why is extensively toured by visitors, ornithologists belonging to all the corners of the globe. People come here several reasons, few for studying nature, few for passing leisure, few for bird-watching and so on; the ambience of the sanctuary is really great.

Mayani Bird Sanctuary: Galore of Birds
If you are a bird lover, then Mayani is not less than a heaven for you. There are more than 400 different species of birds in Mayani that is quite larger to any other bird sanctuary in India. Whether be migratory birds like Brahminy Ducks, Coot, Common Spoon bills,Painted storks, Black Ibis, or other birds like like the Stork, Northern Shoveler, and Kingfisher; you get them in plenty. Flamingoes (migrates from Siberia) that are water birds can also be located on the banks of Mayani. Presence of Flamingoes means plenty of insects, fishes and crabs as they are its prime foods.

Mayani Bird Sanctuary: Do not miss out the other Flora & Fauna
Apart from birds, Mayani offers you a delightful forest that contains plentiful flora and fauna species. The wet ecosystem of the sanctuary makes it an enriched location for flora and fauna to flourish. Otolia sps which is a hermaphrodite grows in the deep water over here! Around the lake in the sanctuary you can find several varieties of insects, aquatic plants and other animals. Also, dry plants like Cactus grows over here! The sanctuary also favors the herbal and medicinal plants to flourish over here.

Mayani is one of the modern sanctuaries that are well connected by all the means of communications and transportations. Modern infrastructure available at the sanctuary really makes the trip entertaining and soothing! The best time to visit the sanctuary is during winters as it's the time when you get golden opportunities to see the rare bird species.

Birds in Mayani Bird Sanctuary
Mayani Bird Sanctuary hosted more than 400 migratory birds and resistant birds. The main attraction of bird sanctuary is flamingos, migratory birds which come in large numbers from Siberia. Other birds include stork, northern shoveler, kingfisher, coot, Brahminy Ducks, Black Ibis, Painted storks, Common Spoon bills, etc.
Mayani Bird Sanctuary Travel Information

Time to Visit :- November to January.
Late Bird
Temperature :-
Maximum 37.5°C,
Minimum 11.6°C.
Rainfall : 1426 mm.

How to Reach:
By Air : Mumbai airport is the closest airport to Sanctuary.
Rail : Satara is the nearest rail junction from Sanctuary.
By Road : Satara is very well linked with in the city and with its boundary districts.

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