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Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

WhitegailRanganthittu Bird Sanctuary is located in the hearts of Mandya District in Karnataka. Ranganthittu with its enriched wildlife and sedating ambience makes one of the most exotic sanctuaries in India.Ranganathittu Bird Santuary Though, the sanctuary is spread in only 0.67 square kilometers, the intensity of charm is simply unsurpassed to any other place on the planet. The sanctuary is distributed into six islets to the banks of Kaveri that appends the magnetism of the place. The historical city Srirangapatna adds new dimensions to the Ranganthittu bird sanctuary!

Unlimited Fauna
The foremost attractions of the sanctuary are the birds. At least, there are 100 different kinds of birds in the sanctuary! You can find here birds like Munia & Bunting, Cuckoo & Koel, Babbler, Robin, Bushchat, Flowerpecker, Sunbird, Warbler, Iora & White Eye, Chloropsis, Blue bird Tit, Minivet, Flycatcher, Bee eater, Drongo, Shrike, Wood Shrike, Myna, Bulbul, Sparrow and so on. However, there are lots more birds that include indigenous and migratory birds.

Apart from birds you can find here, mammals like Flying Fox, Bonnet Macaque, Common Palm Civet, monitor lizard and India Gray Mangoose.

Exquisite Fauna
The small islands at the Ranganthittu are covered with broadleaf trees. In addition, you also find here riverine reed beds that are pretty unique and exclusive to the place. The sanctuary has several trees species like Arjuna, Pandanus and bamboo grooves. In addition, you will get here some of the unseen species of lily plant.

Delightful Activities
Ranganathittu Bird SanctuaryWell, there are loads of things you can do at the sanctuary that includes adventures to passing leisure. You can boat, watch birds, explore and do several more activities. The best thing about the sanctuary is that it is fully equipped with modern infrastructure as you get here world class accommodations and other facilities!

The most favorable time to come to the sanctuary is during December as most of the migratory birds are visible at this timeonly!

How to go there?
Srinrangapatna (3kms) and Mysore (19kms) are the prime cities proximate to the Ranganthittu bird sanctuary. You get all the means of transportations for the bird sanctuary like bus, cabs etc.

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